Synthesis Essay

Bellevue College suggests the purpose of synthesis to make insightful connections. Those connections can show the relationship(s) between parts of a work or even between two or more works. It is your job to explain why those relationships are important’. For this assignment, you must use one essay read in this unit and two additional sources. The additional sources can be found from the library (you will be working on your library assignment this unit to help you select possible sources). other articles in your textbook, a film or television show, and/or a reputable source from the intemet (not Wikipedia). Please see pages 102-105 in your Little Seagull Handbook for information on how to evaluate your Internet sources. Remember, synthesizing is making connections between two or more sources: This is the purpose of this essay.
While you may be creative in deciding how to approach this assignment. following are few topic suggestions:
Write an essay examining ethics or morality as it exists in a particular culture or subculture or issue. For example, write about the ethics of driving in the US and maybe discuss the changing personality we all invoke when we get behind the wheel. It’s shocking, You could use The Onion’s style as a model in the discussion of the sins that occur behind the wheel. Or you might try a more informative approach and look at road rage on American roads. Or you might try a bit of both. Incorporating a bit of the humor with shocks of reality to put the issue into perspective. Other ideas here — the dog park, the PTA, downtown on New Year’s Eve, a cheer competition, etc. – you get the idea. Using Flannery O’Connor’s essay or any one of the essays on morality, examine a film or television show that invokes violence to punish the wicked or that complicates what is means to be good. Examples of films or shows you might use include The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Mean Girls, Pulp Fiction. Game of Thrones. or Fight Club, There’s plenty of material out their but if you have doubts that your favorite show or movie doesn’t fit into this topic, email me your ideas and we can work on it together. Consider gender roles using essays read for this unit and examine your family or your culture and how one gender or both genders are represented or are complicated. Reflect on how this is changing. or not, in the 21st century. In this type of essay, you might use your childhood observations as evidence to help your audience see your views. Use Cofer, Dillard. or Mason to help you here. If you’d prefer to a more historical or even a current approach, use Truth’s ‘Ain’t I a Women’ to explore gender, racism or sexism in America. You’d need to narrow this down, of course. to a manageable essay. Parts of this Essay

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