System design

Read the following scenario carefully and answer the question a and b.
‘Al Safina’ is an online system used by a charter company that owns boats that are used for charter trips to islands. ‘Al Safina’ system tracks the boats it owns, including each boat’s ID number, name, and seating capacity. The company also tracks information about the various islands, such as their names and populations. Every time a boat is chartered, it is important to know the date that the trip is to take place and the number of people on the trip. The company also keeps information about each captain, such as Social Security number, name, birth date, and contact information for next of kin. Boats travel to only one island per visit.
The system also tracks the information about the customers who are renting the boats. Apart from the this all the payments made by the customers are also recorded. The customer can either pay online using his credit card or in the office using cheque or cash.
a. From the above scenario identify the major classes and draw a domain class diagram for the same. Take a picture of your diagram and paste in word file. (10 marks)
b. Implement the diagram which you draw in part ‘a’ in download it and paste it in the same word file where you pasted the answer of part ‘a’ and submit it using black board. (5marks)

Sample Solution