Imagine you are a manager in an organization and one of your employees is in a meeting with you to discuss a situation that he faces at work:

“Sir, can I have 10 minutes of your time? ….. My name is Yaser and I’m facing a problem with one of my colleague Ahmed , we are supposed to be working together on a project to market and sell one of our brands, one of our potential customer was asking for detailed information and presentation of our brand product, Ahmed and myself discussed what to do on the phone the beginning of the week to prepare the presentation and to divide the work between us, I believe that we agreed on who is going to do what in the presentation and on parts of the required written document to be sent to the customer.

The set date to meet with the customer is at the end of the week-after two days- I called Ahmed yesterday to make sure that his part is done to add to my part to complete the document and the presentation, but when I called him to inquire about work, he answered me in a way I didn’t like, and said that some of that we agreed on-in our phone conversation- was not his responsibility and it was my responsibility – although I recall from our conversation- that it is his responsibility not mine.

Also, he talked to me in a way – I don’t sir how to describe it- like he is ordering me to do things, this is how I felt it.

I think I did my part and he is not working enough to complete his, and now I have to do his part and it is huge and I can’t finish it in two days or we have to postpone the meeting with the client and might lose the contract.

I feel that I’m being treated in a different way than my other male colleagues in the team, although I work very hard and this not fair to be judged in this way because I’m a female employee.

Use and apply active listening guidelines to solve this situation- use examples from the case.
In your opinion why we use active listening in the above situation- use examples related to the case above.

Sample Solution