T-Mobile US (TMUS)

Write a paper to the below standards about T-Mobile US (TMUS)
This milestone defines an organization’s core competencies, key strengths, and key weaknesses to provide strategic viability for it in the marketplace. The. are important because they impact the strategic management pro.ss. Business decisions are made to capitalize on strengths, while avoiding potential d.lings in which organizational w.lmesses could compromise succe.. Core competenci. are defining capabilities that provide strategic advantages becau. the competition .nnot easily duplicate them. The. relate to the final project because they provide the foundation for continued growth and success in the dynamic marketplace. They provide guidan. that will go beyond the current product or servi. being pre.nted in the business plan. Specifically, the following critical elementsmust be addres.d: Section Four: Strengths and Weakne.es For the company you have chosen, identify and ass.s at least four, but no more than eight, of .ch of the following:strengths, weakne.es, opportuniti., and threats that may affect new business activities or offerings. You may use topics listed in the Module Fourdiscu.ion or others that you deem important. Then, identify emerging consumertrends and explain how they impact branding and success of your new product or service. Additionally, analyze how perceived ethics violations might affect branding and success. Finally, a.ess how all of the SWOT and ethics factors affectbranding and operations within the organization. Section Five:Core Competencies Continue yourpaperby identifying and explaining three to five core competenciesforthe company you have chosen. Explain how and why they are not easily duplicable by the competition. Explain how these core competencies dovetail with yournew product orservice offering.Upon which competency or competencies willthe new business offering benefit andwhy? What istrategic implications wilVcould this have on the new offering?

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