Taking Charge of Your Health

What is wellness and its (9) dimensions? What are examples of each dimensions and how do they interact?
What is the difference between diseases prior to the 20th century and today? What is the difference between an infectious disease and chronic disease? What are the leading chronic diseases in the United States (i.e. the top causes of death)?
An individual’s level of wellness is profoundly influenced by their lifestyle/health habits. How does an individuals’ daily choices increase or decrease their risk for chronic diseases? Does an individuals genetic predispositions have more or less affect on their health? Explain why.
What is the Healthy People Initiative and what is the Healthy People 2010’s current mission?
Health issues effect diverse populations by factors of sex, gender, ethnic groups, income and education, disability, geographic locations, and sexual orientation differently. Explain how each factors affect people differently.
Improving health involves a process of change. What steps have Carl DiClemente and James Prochaska outlined in their “stages of change model? What does each stage entail? What roles do self-efficacy and locus of control play in behavior change?

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