Tarek N Health economic patient privacy and blockchain


Dear Writer, this order for Health economic for new statistic about blockchain and patients privacy in UAE comparison and use ISER or other methods to measure it. instruction will be uploaded.

WRITTEN: -Pages 50-80 – Times New Roman, 12, double spacing – Structure’ – Front page I name of uni, name of MOM,, muster thesis, title, my name, supervisor, acoodenfic year (2016-2018)) ••no number – Acknowledgment – Abstract – Second page (2poges): table of content letter_ Intro. title 1, title 1.1, title 1.2… appendix) – Introduction (2 Doges): – 2 Paragraph: – introduce the field. – and then the problem – Assumptions. One of the tools/assumptions were used were ICER for ex. – PART1 and sub-ports: What have I done with uoe using that dote. – End of portl give reason why u ore doing part 2 – PART2 and sub-parts – End: – statement thesis • GENERAL CONCLUSION. – PART1 – PART2 (• trade-off, limitation, recommendations) – CONCLUSION (REWRITE PART1 and PART21 – REFERENCES
Short introduction, literature reference (hovord style)
ORAL: – 15 minutes to talk – SLIDES (10-15) – Don’t pock slides – INTRODUCTION – what is the problem – (Why I chose the topic) Reasons why topic is interesting – METHODS – RESULT – CONCLUSION

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