Target Areas for Change, Teacher retention, funding, improved test scores

Target Areas for Change
As you have observed, each member of Mayor Keller’s task force views the need for change from his or her role in the community and specialization perspective. Whether their issues stem from a lack of teaching staff and resources to training for employees, task force members are committed to addressing the learning and development needs of Grand City’s children, students, and citizens. With such myriad needs, how should the mayor’s task force prioritize these issues to enact both educational and community change?

For this Discussion, you will evaluate programs within your specialization to determine target areas of improvement for educational and social change in Grand City.

Hargreaves and Fullan (2013) note the difference between business capital and professional capital. Reflect on the concept of capital, your investment in your own education, and the benefits you anticipate in your career and in the lives of the children you reach.
Review Walden University’s mission and vision for social change. Imagine you are on the Grand City task force representing your specialization, and consider the areas needing improvement or change. How might you propose the task force address those areas? What impact might such changes have on social change in the Grand City community?
By Day 3 of Week 2
Post a response that explains:

At least three target areas that are in need of improvement or change in your specialization
A rationale for each area supported with specific data from Grand City
How and why targeting these areas would be most effective in supporting positive change within both your specialization and the Grand City community
For this Discussion, and all scholarly writing in this course and throughout your program, you will be required to use APA style and provide reference citations.

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