This assignment asks you to write a paper of about 2,500 words exploring an issue in competition in a particular industry that 1) interests you and 2) is evolving and emerging and changing in 2017. Think about issues that are principal factors differentiating successful and unsuccessful competitors.

Please read my proposal questions and do the research on the topic I provide.

What topic in competitive analysis will you research? What research question will you attempt to answer?

As a both accounting and business student, I would like to research in tax reduction and the tax-cpa firm industry competitiveness. I would like to answer the question, will the tax reduction would benefit or harm the tax accounting firms.

How will it draw on your business core, foundation, and electives courses?

I think it draw on my business core, foundation, and electives courses pretty well. Because business classes, and real life business supposed to be conducting research continuously to meet the newest standards; therefore, I it would be beneficial if the research will tight up to my other courses that I’ve taken, and that’s why it draw on my courses.

What perspectives, ideas, and skills from other courses does it integrate with business learning?

In order to do well on this project, understanding data and the meaning behind the data is essential for me. Since the data will serve as the evidence to support my argument and eventually answer my question that listed above.
I have taken well balanced business classes, and would be able to use skills and ideas from other classes to integrate with my business learning. For example, I can Revenue per sqft that I’ve learned from my management class and return of investment that I’ve learned from my accounting class to support the pricing strategy that I stand by. Also, I can use comments on the ethics aspect of each strategy and use my perspectives that developed from Business Ethics class.

How will this research in the overall direction of your career, both the next stage and the long term?

For the next stage of my life, the research itself is a guiding book; it teaches me how to answer an interesting business question or business problem from the first step. As a fresh college grad, it would be a useful tool for me to get my boss attention quickly if I obtain the knowledge of doing professional research.

For long term, no matter I will be an entrepreneur or working for a company as managerial role, the knowledge and experience that derived from this research will definitely help me and make my job easier.

What data and literature sources do you expect to use (as specific as possible)?
I expect to use the sources from the following:
Annual reports from big companies
The industry analysis from the Big Four Accounting Firms
Scholarly journal that studies the specific industry
Website such as WSJ, CNN, Bloomberg, etc

What challenges do you expect to face that prof. Kushner can help with?

Outline the direction.
Find data and identify the acceptances of the data.
Explain ideas that on the article that I am using for the evidence.

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