Teacher Leadership Memo

Each student will independently inquire into a topic/issue of your choosing that influences teaching and teachers (such as teacher evaluation, teacher education, high stakes testing, class size, etc.). You will then write a memo suggesting a particular educational intervention or reform related to your chosen issue that aims to make a positive change. In preparation for this memo, you will research a particular problem in education and, based on what you have learned, propose an intervention or reform in a curriculum, classroom, school, district, state or federal “policy” that you believe will
improve educational conditions. You will describe the problem this intervention addresses and conduct research to support the intervention you are proposing. This research should include analysis of educational theory and research from course readings and your independent readings of relevant literature. You will write a memo that presents your description of the problem, your intervention, the role of teachers in creating or implementing the intervention as well as the impact of the intervention on teachers and teaching.
The format of the memo should be as follows:

  1. What problem does your intervention address?
  2. What is your intervention?
  3. What evidence do you have that this intervention would improve educational conditions?
  4. What are some limitations to your intervention?
  5. How would this intervention affect teachers and/or teaching?
  6. What role would teachers (and you) play in implementing this intervention?

Sample Solution