Teacher view on how living in deprived area affect children learning.

Topic: What are the teacher view on how living in deprived area affect children learning.
This is what you must do. please use power point for this because is a presentation

  1. Introduction
    explain why you have choice this topic. What statistics or legislation/ policy will you need to look at

2 Break the topic to 4 different research questions

3 Literatures Reviews
Please write 4 literatures reviews from 4 different writers. For each review please bring up the main debates and issues that are relevant to my topic. critical evaluation for each of them. Please remember to put these 4 writers on my references place

4 Methodology.
Qualitative method my choice, explain why this choice base on my topic by giving advantages and disadvantage of this methods, please use one writer to support your argument

5 who might be my participant and where I might carry out my research
teachers(6 teachers from year 1 to year 6) in one primary school and I will use questionnaires as my data collection
Develop at least 4 interview question that you will use in an interview with teachers. Please remember this questionnaire is base to the topic

6 How you will try to achieve:
Validity and reliability of your research , triangulation of data
7 How will you ensure good Research ethics?
Think about; doing some good. Gaining informed consent. Maintaining Anonymity, confidentiality. Please use writer to support your ideas

8 how will you present your data? Think about
use of quotes. remember that this data is based on the teacher’s questionnaires

       9     How do your methods and choice of participants help you answer your research question?

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