Teaching Phonology

As you saw in the example with photographic and photographer, adding suffixes can sometimes change the stress pattern of a word. Imagine that you are working with a group of low intermediate (B-1) students. You want to clarify the changes for these words.

educate  education
real  reality  realistic
photo photography
academy academic
tranquil  tranquility
Answer the following three questions in essay form:
1. Describe how you will call students’ attention to the changes in these words and use the MHMD method to work on them.
2. Write a brief dialogue between two people that includes these words for students to practice saying to each other.
3. Describe a more communicative practice that could follow the dialogue.

Q 2. Teaching Intonation Patterns in English
1. Imagine that you are teaching students who tend to speak English in a monotone. What techniques will you use to help these students notice the correct intonation of the sentences above? How will you encourage them to practice the sentences with correct intonation? Provide details.



Sample Solution