MNC- Cisco
Country -Saudi Arabia
My portion of the assignment -Management: Explain any special management issues that may concern the MNC for overseas operations in the one country. What are its coordination and control systems, and how does it monitor and report issues with subsidiaries? How does the MNC manage its global supply-chain, suppliers?

Length Required for my portion : 2 pages & 2 power point slides

Complete team assignment instructions :

For this report your team is once again assuming the role of consultants.
The same CEO of the hypothetical multinational corporation (MNC) you advised in Team Report #1 wants to expand its operations into the country you recommended in Team Report #1.
You have already advised the CEO on how the economic, social, legal, ethical, technological and political environments of the recommended country that may impact the specific industry to which the MNE belongs.
The CEO once again needs your advice. S/he wants to know:
• What specific operational, managerial, and organizational problems did companies in that industry encounter in the country recommended in your Team Report #1, industry and country analysis?
• What strategies and business practices have companies in the same industry used to enter and operate successfully in that country?
• Using the real MNC you have selected to study for the purpose of this Team Report #2, what can your client CEO learn from their experiences in the country you recommended?
Your Assignment

Prepare an analysis of a real multinational corporation (MNC) from the industry you chose to analyze for Team Report #1. The real MNC must be presently operating in the country you recommended but not based there, e.g., if you selected Germany in your Team Report #1, you must choose a non-German company (such as Proctor & Gamble, a US-based MNC, or Unilever, an English-based MNC).
Your analysis should focus on the real MNC’s strategic, organizational, operational and managerial practices in the country as indicated by your research, and supported by conceptual frameworks covered in the textbook and other course materials.

Based on your research of the real MNC (Cisco), provide recommendations to your client CEO of the hypothetical MNC (Cisco) for its expansion into the country (e.g., recommended mode of entry; strategy to avoid or overcome problems that were experienced by the actual MNC (Cisco) you have researched). Unlike the real MNC, the hypothetical MNC should not be operating in the country you recommended.

Your research should be based on a thorough search of the real MNC’s and its subsidiaries’ websites, databases, and other sources as indicated below.
Research further the company you selected by using the UMUC Library’s Standard & Poor’s (S&P) NetAdvantage database, available from
The S&P resources can also be accessed by clicking on the Databases by Title (A-Z) link on the Library’s home page and then on the letter S at the top of the resulting page and then on the link for S&P NetAdvantage (Standard & Poor’s). For additional tips on company research, see this guide.
The report should demonstrate your ability to collect the necessary company- and industry-specific data. Work as a team and present your findings to your client CEO of the hypothetical company in the format of a PPT and a written report that accompanies the PPT.
Deliverable: PPT & Written Report
PowerPoint Presentation Format:
Each team is to present its analysis in a PowerPoint presentation not to exceed 10 slides. The presentation should include:
• Cover page
• Agenda slide/issues to be addressed
• Analysis
• Conclusions: Lessons Learned.
The cover page and agenda slides are not part of the slide count.
Written Report Format (in Microsoft Word)
Include with your PowerPoint presentation a 10 page (maximum), double-spaced report of what you will actually say while each slide is displayed. Your written report is to include:
• Cover page
• Executive Summary (ES)
• Speaker’s Notes – one page per slide
• References; and, if required
• Appendices.
The Cover page, ES, References, and Appendixes are not part of the page count.
Post your team analysis (PPT and written report) in Session 10 Discussions by Tuesday midnight.


You are assessing a real multinational corporation (MNC) by the standards of “best practice” for international management as presented in your course readings.
Describe the nature of the MNC’s international operations in general, its specific interests in the country you selected, its strategies. Research the implementation problems that it has encountered in the country.
Indicate, to the extent that data are available, how those problems were dealt with.
Identify the general management, finance, accounting, marketing and human resources practices of the MNC: How does local culture and geography impact strategy, organization, and operations?
The specific Issues/topics you choose for analysis will depend on the industry and country you selected. Choose the ones you think are the most important problems/issues the real MNC faces in the country you selected. Some possible topics/issues for analysis are listed below:

Strategy: Briefly analyze the strategy (industry, products, markets, core competencies). What types of entry modes did the MNC use in the country? Does the mode(s) fit the MNC’s goals and objectives? What is the MNC’s competition in the country? Are there local partners?
Structure: Provide an organization chart showing the MNC and its overseas operations. Why do you think the MNE has chosen this organization structure?

Management: Explain any special management issues that may concern the MNC for overseas operations in the one country. What are its coordination and control systems, and how does it monitor and report issues with subsidiaries? How does the MNC manage its global supply-chain, suppliers?

Finance and accounting: Are there issues related to financial, currency and accounting practices? What are the major sources of influence on the company’s accounting standards and practices? Examine financial statements: Are there any differences in terms of language, currency, type of statements (income statement, balance sheet, etc., financial-statement format, extent of footnote disclosures, and the underlying GAAP) between the MNCs reports in the USA and the country you selected?

Marketing: Assess the MNC’s marketing mix in the country, its promotional practices, pricing, branding strategies–standardized or differentiated marketing program? What are the characteristics of the MNC’s customers in that country?

Human capital: Analyze the organizational culture, the composition of the top management team, its international mentality (ethnocentric vs. geocentric) and staffing approach to the extent that public data allow you to do so.

Ethics, CSR: How does the MNC’s code of conduct or ethics address risks such as bribery and corruption? Does the MNC code specifically for that one country or is the code the same for all the countries in which it operates? Does the MNC’s CSR program address local community, stakeholders’ concerns, supplier relationships?

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