Technological advances

Q1. Technological advances are predicted by some academics as likely to have an almost apocalyptical impact on jobs. Discuss this view, and how organisations and managers might address the advances and increased use of technology (100 marks)

Q2. Outline both the benefits and downsides of companies adopting each of the following approaches to management; an ethnocentric approach and a polycentric approach (50 marks). Discuss how likely you think it is that in future companies will converge towards a particular model/approach towards HRM, justifying your ideas with reference to evidence and contemporary events (50 marks).

Q3. International assignments have typically been undertaken by high status employees. Discuss reasons why this may be (50 marks) and also how and why international assignments may alter in future (50 marks).

Q4. There are a variety of factors to be taken into account by MNEs in developing an international training and development strategy. Discuss the factors that you think need to be considered, and why you think these are important (50 marks). Provide an example of the approach to Training and Development taken by a Multi-National Enterprise, and critique this approach (50 marks).

Q5. Should organisations and managers provide clear career paths to their employees, or employees should act more proactively to develop their own career ladders? Analyse the difference between two approaches and support your analysis with reference to academic ideas and evidence (100 marks).

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