Technological Introduction to sociology

Assignment 1
Technology was first created many thousands of years ago but has been continuously
developing in all types of different ways for many more. One of the most popular forms is cell
phones, these trendy items have found themselves in the hands of the majority of the population
today. Within these cell phones there are different applications that can be used for different
things such as social media,
social media is defined as a number of websites and applications that enable users to
create and share content or to participate in social networking. There are many different
platforms within social media that can be used for different situations. The top three most
popular applications are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (Price, 2018). All of these social
networking sites allow you to post pictures, videos and personal thoughts about yourself and/or
other peers.
thoughts ?
What is social media
How does it work/ reasons we use it for
High expectiations seeing other peoples post, them having items u dont have and or
bragging out their great life “FaLSE EXPECTATIONS throw money reasons in to
Social media creating mental illnesses “narstistic” “depression”
distractions aka texting and driving not paying attention in school or kids being glues to
Social media focus on the phone and not in the real world
As convenient as they are they are also extremely distracting.
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