Chosen company is Northrop Grumman, check this link to learn about the company (
You will need to use the pdf (EA_ChooseCompany.pdf) to understand how the CIO of the chosen company and Enterprise Architecture work these days.
This is a reflective and analytic writing; you have to answer the next questions:

  1. How the selected company operates in the various Enterprise Architecture (EA) models. (To understand the varios EA model, you will need the file Jeanne_Ross_01_08_2007_EA.pdf that has concepts and examples of how EA operate with different model of organizations)
  2. Does the chosen company CIO function as a supply side or a demand side CIO? Describe scenarios and you have to add your references of your findings.
  3. Why do IT leaders make the decisions they do in certain circumstances?
  4. According your findings, do some organizations do things you think the CIO of the chosen company should be doing? Why or why not?

Sample Solution