Technology and how it is utilized in operations management

The purpose of this assignment is:
• To develop, enhance and demonstrate analytical skills.
• To relate and apply course concepts and tools.
• To enhance communication skills
• To apply proper secondary source research skills (news articles, books, journals only)

Students will be assigned to small teams and will complete a research paper on one of the following topics. Teams will select a topic, but only one team per topic is permitted. One member from each team will submit the paper electronically via A thorough paper will explain the following:
A. Explain the technology and how it is utilized in operations management or supply chain management applications
B. Explain the pros and cons of this technology
C. Explain how this technology is used in four (4) different companies


  1. RFID – Radio Frequency Identification Device
  2. ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning
  3. AI – Artificial Intelligence
  4. GPS – Global Positioning System
  5. Block chain
  6. Immersive technology / Virtual reality
  7. Robotics / Automation
  8. Conversational systems
  9. Data analytics
  10. Telemetry

Sample Solution