Technology from a Global Perspective

Part A Identify the primary language of the designated country. You can select any country other than your country of origin and one which the dominant language is different than your country of origin. Use Ferraro’s model of high versus low context language, and report on the major features of the language and your assessment of the degree to which it tends toward either language type. Provide your conclusions of the extent to which you find the language tending to be more high or low context. Discuss the factors that you used to reach this conclusion. Your response to Part A of this must have the following subheadings: • A brief summary of the country and its language (10 points) • Description of Ferraro’s model of high context and low context language (in your own words) • Assessment of the language in terms of Ferraro’s model • Conclusion and discussion (in your own words) on factors for the conclusion Part B
Research the social habits and behaviors of the urban population in public conversation. Identify some significant factors that allow you to assess the cultural tendencies in non-verbal communications. Specifically, explore general or typical traits of the culture regarding the use of a) gestures, b) touching, and c) eye contact during the conversation in a business or professional setting. Summarize your findings and give recommendations concerning these factors that an individual should know when engaged in a business or professional conversation in this country.









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