Technology in Business

Discuss how information systems can help create or destroy value in the digital corporation. It uses a case study to discover and analyze the impact of emerging technologies.
Please download the case study on Target’s experience with a data breach from the Harvard site in the link that I have provided to the Harvard Business School Publishing site in the syllabus. For your convenience, I have also provided that link here:
The teaching objective for this case is to introduce issues related to the management of IS and create awareness of the dual roles we all have as “components” of an IS and as managers of a business. We will also consider what the “threat environment” looks like, including an analysis of key stakeholders and the outcomes for each of the stakeholder groups in this particular instance. Finally, we will consider the lessons learned from the Target incident and why the very sophisticated controls the company had in place prior to the breach did not safeguard its customers.
1. Please read the case thoroughly and at the same time, also read chapters 4 and 8 in Laudon & Laudon.
2. The case takes place between December 2013 through 2015. Create a timeline for the major incidents in the case and the impacts on the company.
3. Create a visual of the logical sequence of events and the links between the main actors in the case study. You will need to use the timeline for this and look for links between actors internal to Target and external to the company.
4. In your groups, establish the sources of risk to the company. What role did each of these sources play in the attack? In analyzing the case, what were the weak links in the network?
5. What role did social engineering or rogue employees play in the case?
6. What role did the company’s external technology providers play?
7. What was the impact of the breach on Target? Please be specific and collect data on revenue declines, impact on profitability, loss of key management, reputational risk and impact on customers
8. Taking into account the role of each of the sources of risk that is typical today (incompetent/rogue employees, hackers, business partners, technology partners and technology components), identify the controls or protection measures that Target should have implemented to protect itself. Explain what each control measure would have allowed it to do.
9. Lessons learned: In conclusion, summarize the lessons that your group learned about this breach. As a future manager, what will you take away from the case. Were you surprised by any aspects of the case?
1. Please prepare a presentation that does not exceed 10 minutes in length.
2. Submit a Word document in APA format to accompany the slides. Submissions are due on December 6th and should not exceed 8 pages in length, including references.
3. You should have a minimum of seven references that you have consulted, in addition to the textbook and the case study.
4. Please consult the following sites for data on security issues:



























































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