Apply key module concepts to a Ted Talk Video in a paper.
Ted Talks provide video content plus transcripts on many videos that allow students to read the content of
the video.
Students will evaluate the video and explain how each of the concepts applies to the video, so choose the
video carefully. The focus is on correct application of chapter major concepts. This is not an assignment that
requires students to “find the answers.” It requires students to apply the chapter major concepts in their own
words to the video.
The chapter major concepts the students will need to write about as applied to the video and context of the
video are as follows:
Chapter 2 major concepts are: business cycles, capitalism, command economies, communism, demand,
economics, free-market economies, monopolistic competition, monopoly, oligopoly, perfect competition,
Chapter 3 major concepts are: absolute advantage, comparative advantage theory, exchange rate, free
trade, multinational corporation.
Chapter 4 major concepts are: corporate responsibility, corporate social responsibility, ethics, social audit.
The template for the paper is attached to this item. It is important that students complete the assignment
directly on the template so that they can become familiar with APA format used in the College of Business.
Spelling and grammar count. All work must be in students’ own words, and may not be copy and pasted
from the video website or other sources.

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