TedTalk with Rip Esselstyne

Watch this TedTalk with Rip Esselstyne, who is discussing the health benefits
that can be found when eating a plant strong (plant-based) regimented diet. This is quite a good discussion
and I think he does make a strong case for why it might be necessary for people to turn around their health
with plant-based dieting, or at least substituting in some of the meals.
Why does Rip have his shirt on inside out? What does this signify?
Why did his team in Texas start a plant-based diet? What was the catalyst for this project?
What does he talk about when mentioning this nasty dragon that is killing Americans?
What are your general thoughts on the talk from Rip, his views on the health of Americans and his ideas for
how we might be able to reverse the damage that has been done through cleaning up our diet?

Sample Solution