With increased transformations in the technology, the work sector is changing generating huge growth in the way labor and production are carried out. This has resulted in new opportunities such as teleworking that promote remote working and reconcile private and professional life in a more comfortable and equitable manner. Women are the most beneficiaries of this mode of working as it will enable them to work and care for their families. This paper examines the mode of telework, exploring its benefits and impacts and also how it has enhanced female participation in the labor sector in the UK.

Main body
Paragraph 1: introduces the topic sentence by giving a brief defination
Paragraph2: gives a brief background of teleworking
Paragraph3: explains teleworking as a mode of working
Paragraph4: mentions the sectors of employment related to telework and its types
Paragraph5: explains the benefits of teleworking in two paragraghs
Paragraph7: deals with the positive impacts of teleworking
Paragraph8: explores the negativity of teleworking
Paragraph9: discusses how telework has enhanced female participation in the labor force in two paragraphs.

In summary, there is a gray of hope for women looking for job opportunities in the developing countries. With various recommendations, developing countries are looking for more inclusive ways to expand women participation in the labor force. With the introduction of telework as a mode of working, women can now navigate work and private life within their convenience. Whether full-time or part-time, teleworking is increasingly growing and it is prevalent with much more implications on the labor sector.

Telework and Female Labor Force Participation in Middle East

This paper just literature about the topic, more than 30 references I want. All the references has to be from Ecolit or




Also, you need to give full references for each study (what journal or series was it published in? what were the year, volume and number, pages, etc.

Focus on these points , or if you have another idea, and send me the outline before you start please,
• Definition and Background of Teleworking
• Teleworking as a mode of working ( the study has to be from Economic department)
• Sectors of employment and types of telework ( the study has to be from Economic department)
• Benefits ( the study has to be from Economic department)
• Impact or the Effect ( the study has to be from Economic department)
• Teleworking and Female Labor Force Participation( the study has to be from Economic department)


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