Children pose a unique challenge in the clinical assessment of visual acuity and as such, there are a number of visual acuity tests that have been designed specifically for children. The reliability of these tests can be variable and may depend on the age of the child being tested.

1. In NSW children are screened for visual defects at preschool age through the STEPs program. What are some of the challenges that may be associated with the examination of a preschool aged (4 year old) child’s visual acuity? How might you modify your communication, behaviour and testing method to cope with these challenges?

2. From the list of children’s visual acuity tests below choose one test to research and answer the following questions. You should try to find original research/ seminal papers related to the test and should have a minimum of 5 references for this part.

 Amblyopia Treatment Study (ATS) HOTV single surround Test
 Kay’s Pictures
 Lea Symbols
 Teller Acuity Cards
 Cardiff Acuity Cards

a. Background information about the test e.g. Who designed this test? When was the test designed? Who was the test designed for? Any other relevant information.




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