Tesla case study

Please read the attached case study on Tesla Motors. In 1-2 pages, answer the following prompt:

You are a senior manager for Tesla Motors given the task of deciding on how to proceed with the Texas market. Do you 1) continue to try to change the law as Tesla has done for three legislative sessions and address any ways that might be beneficial toward that end; or 2) change the market strategy of the company to adhere to the regulations; include any changes you might propose.

State your position in the introduction to the paper.

Please attach a Word document to submit. Use appropriate APA formatting including a cover page and reference page in addition to the pages of text (you do not need an abstract or executive summary). Points will be deducted for not complying with APA standards.

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Microsoft Office is necessary for completion of writing assignments in the course. Current TAMUCC students have access to this program at no cost. Please see the following website for additional information:


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