“The 25 Percent Discount Car Rental,”

CASE Study #1, “The 25 Percent Discount Car Rental,” is found on page 410 of the textbook. (If you have an e-book, look in the table of contents; the CASE studies are at the end of the text following the chapters.) The CASE Study review should be a minimum of two pages, use a simple 12 point font, and use APA format. Both the textbook and one additional outside source must be referenced and cited properly. The assignment should include the following elements.

1) Provide a brief summary of the case (in your own words).

2) Provide thorough responses to the discussion questions at the end of the case.

3) Answer the question: Have you ever experienced or seen a dirty trick attempted in a workplace setting? If so, describe the situation and your response. If not, what is an example of a dirty trick in the workplace and what would be an appropriate response?

4) Provide a brief reflection on how your personal world-view would affect your own response to the case.

Sample Solution