The APM and the PMBOK framework approach.

For Discussion 2, you are to compare the APM framework approach with the PMBOK framework approach.
Also discuss which project management approach is generally best suited for a project characterized by
unclear and changing user requirements, such as the development of a new satellite-guided laser combat
weapon system. You should select from one of three following options (PMBOK approach, APM approach, or a
hybrid approach (combining elements of PMBOK and APM), and persuasively assert your position. I
recommend the following Wikipedia links as resource links for you to skim, and read, as you see fit (but these
readings are not required):
Project Management
Systems Development Traditional Life Cycle
Systems Development Spiral Life Cycle
Agile (Project) Management
Additional tips follow:
You will probably want to understand the difference between the waterfall system development life cycle
(SDLM) and the spiral SDLM, and consider which PM approach is best suited to meet the project management
requirements of the new satellite-guided laser combat weapon system in which requirements typically change
on a monthly basis.

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