The arts reflect on the culture

Explain what the art says about the people who created it
The arts reflect the culture, and the culture reflects the arts. Culture helps people cope with their world. and is then transmitted from one generation to the next, primarily through its arts.
Choose any of the early American (native or non-native) cultures that we have studied so .r and explain how its art reflects its culture. Using three specific examples (works of art, architecture, music, or literature) explain what the art says about the people who created it. Of your three examples, only one may be from the textbook.
Framing America: A Social History of American Art, 3rd edition by Frances K. Pohl; Published by Thames & Hudson; ISBN978-0-500-289983-9
Your final paper should b 750-1000 words. follow tvl, formatting (double-space, 12 pt. font etc.) and include a Works Cited page listing all of your sources, including the textbook.

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