‘The Banished Canadians’

use the example of the historical treatment of Canadians of Japanese descent, to evaluate the impact of systemic barriers and Canada’s immigration and refugee policies on Canadian ethnocultural minority groups.

Identify an example of a law which favoured the white Canadian population at the expense of the Japanese Canadian population. What were some of the historical systemic barriers facing Japanese Canadians in Canada? How did they prevent Japanese Canadians from becoming fully part of Canadian society? How did they prevent them from achieving security in Canadian society? This article was written in 1981. Interestingly, it contains a paragraph that argues: “Looking back, it is easy to condemn those who called for evacuation, internment, and deportation of the Japanese Canadians. But what would we do today if some other minority were the object of racial hatred. How many of us would have the courage to take an unpopular stand against an inflamed majority?



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