The battle of Oriskany

What was the purpose of this battle? Was it part of a larger strategic concept? How did it fit into
the overall plan by each side?
Types of Forces Involved:
Were they experienced veterans, or soldiers who have never been under hostile fire? Were they
conscripts, professional soldiers, mercenaries, or zealous believers in a cause?
What was their equipment? Were they mechanized, foot soldiers, or horse mounted? Did they
have rifles, smoothbore muskets, bows and arrows, breech loaders, or swords? Was the equipment of each
side the most modern for its day, or were the sides mismatched?
A brief description of when and how the battle started, and its course up until its conclusion.
Tactical Situation:
What was the key terrain? (ie: hill tops, locations of swampland, roads, etc) Was the ground
gently rolling, hilly, or flat? Was it open ground or wooded?
How did commanders on each side expect the battle to progress?
Description of the Battle:
Was it a long drawn out battle or many days or months, or was it a sharp action lasting minutes or
hours? Was the fighting sharp? Confused? Lop-sided?
Conclusions and Analysis:
What mistakes were made? What was done right? Did the battle accomplish what either side
wanted? What were the long-term results?

Sample Solution