The Best Way To Get Over Heartbreak According To Science

Identify and articulate the key issue(s) in the article in a brief and pointed summary.

Identify information/evidence in the article that supports the point of view and conclusions presented in the article. Quote and paraphrase with internal APA citations.

Identify background information relevant to the point of view and conclusions presented in the article. Use prior knowledge, and you may use your course materials.

Identify strengths and weaknesses of the findings and conclusions presented.

Do you see any ethical concerns in the research or the findings? Why or why not?

Identify and describe the research method or methods used or likely used to reach the conclusions presented.

How could this topic be further studied? Describe a potential study and the research method you would use to get results.

Explore and evaluate the issue(s) relevance to real-world problems and solutions.

Clarify your own position, perspective, or hypothesis on the ideas presented in the article.

Explain the conclusions, implications, and consequences of the article as it pertains to the field of psychology or the subject being addressed.








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