The business case for innovation

Provide justification for prioritizing innovation in the organisation. Leadership challenges What are the main leadership challenges facing the organisation? What can be done to overcome them? Use theoretical frameworks from the module content to write this section. Innovation challenges What are the main challenges the organisation is facing in relation to innovation? What needs to change? Use theoretical frameworks from the module content to write this section. A framework for innovation What are the organisational priorities in relation to leadership and innovation? Provide your recommendations to address the organisational challenges you identified in the sections above. References Appendices (Optional) General guidelines
Analysis All ideas/strategies must be analysed. Identify joumal articles that provide findings in support and not in support of each idea you present. Identify the conditions under which the particular idea/initiative/strategy has been effective and ineffective (e.g. type of organisation, size of organisation, country, organizational communication etc.). This will help you make the inference as to whether the idea will work in your organisation or not, and also to make recommendations about what should be done to make its implementation effective. While reading journal articles, also pay attention to other effective ideas that are mentioned there that are not part of the list given to you. You may be able to include them in your recommendations. All the arguments that you make must be supported by academic theory.

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