The Casino, Club and Hotel Environment

  1. According to Delfabbro (2009) games of chance can be classified across four dimensions.
    Explain one of these dimensions and identify a form of gambling at each extreme point of
    this dimension.
  2. Do you agree with the statement that ‘people gamble because it is fun’? Explain why or why
  3. Using the history of gambling in the USA, describe the economic and technological
    influences on the expansion of gambling.
  4. Reflect on what you have learnt so far in this unit. Have you found any of the material
    insightful or challenging to the view you had on gambling before you started the unit?
    Why do you think this is?
    1000-word answer (30%)
    You have $500 in your pocket and must gamble this at Crown Casino, in Melbourne, Victoria,
    Australia. You want to maximise your chances of winning (or more accurately minimise your
    losses) and can only play one game. The games to choose from are poker machines, blackjack,
    traditional baccarat, roulette 0, roulette 00, and craps, and you are really looking for the game
    6 | BUS00211 The Casino, Club and Hotel Environment (Session 1, 2016)
    with the best odds. In your answer you need to state your choice of game and provide an
    example of your betting strategy. You should also explain how the game you have chosen is
    played and briefly indicate why you preferred this over the other choices, in terms of providing
    you with the best odds.

Sample Solution