The Congress

Chapters nine, ten, and twelve discussed the nature and functions of the institutions of the United States’ government. The purpose of this journal entry is to help you reflect on the information discussed in the chapters. and in some cases apply the knowledge you acquired.
For your journal entry, please answer the following questions:
The Congress
Explain how a bill becomes a law. How important is the role of committees in the lawmaking process (please explain)? Explain reapportionment, redistricting, and gerrymandering. In what ways does gerrymandering contribute to polarization and gridlock in Congress? The Presidency
How does the process of electing the U.S. President differ from the way a British Prime Minister is elected? Using the terms head of state and chief executive, compare the roles or duties of the U.S. President to those of the Queen and the British Prime Minister. The Judiciary

The Judiciary
Explain the main sources of American law, including constitutions, statutes and regulations, and the common law tradition (your explanation should include the concepts precedent and stare decisis) Explain the type of cases the U. S. Supreme Court is likely to take-on, and the type of decisions (affirmed, reversed, remanded) and type of opinions (majority, concurring: dissenting) it is likely to hand down book: (American Government and Politics Today)

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