Reservation System (454)
Black Hills/Little Big Horn (457)
Indian Schools/Dawes Allotment Act (458-460)
Geronimo (461)
Ghost Dance/Wounded Knee (461-462)
Comstock Lode/Virginia City (462-465)
Californios and Tejanos (466)
Chinese workers (467-468)
Homesteaders (468-470)
Cowboys/Vaqueros (470–472)
Tenant Farmers/Sharecroppers/Migrant Laborers (472-473)

Describe how many Americans saw the “west” or the “frontier” in the late 1800s. (448-450)

Describe how Native Americans were forced to assimilate into white society in the late 1800s.
Explain the significance of the Bison to native peoples of the Plains. Why did these beasts almost get eliminated? (454-455)

Describe the type of society that developed in frontier mining towns. (462-465)
Describe the cultural diversity of the American West in the late 1800s. (466-468)
Why did the Chinese come to California? Why did many people want them to leave? (467-468)
Who were the real cowboys? How is this different from the popular image? (470-472)
Why were federal land grants so important to the development of the West? (map on 471)
Explain how agriculture in California became dependent on a migrant labor force. (472-474)
Comment: “Land monopoly and large-scale farming fostered tenancy and migratory labor on the West Coast.” (472)
Explain how large-scale “industrialized” farming came to dominate the far west. (473-474)
What trends characterized the “Gilded Age” in the West? (474)



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