The Copernicus and Columbus

Why do think that Copernicus and Columbus were mentioned in chapter nine on page 195 together? If you are unsure, look at the last page of the chapter and try to connect it to the first page. The video from last week should also help.

  1. What are the 3 harsh realities of colonialism?
  2. What challenges did Kondori face?
  3. What did the Spanish Crown regulate?
  4. How did they manage to have the slaves board the ships so easily without delay?
  5. How is Catholicism and Santería a paradox if they are practiced together?
  6. Describe the conditions on the slave ships.
  7. Describe Aleijadinho’s gift and life-
  8. On page 211, relate the movie “The Mission” to the “Last Utopia and the First Rebel” using an example from the movie.

Sample Solution