1. Interact with The Court System – Evidence and Procedure activity to see how a criminal trial proceeds. Listen to several different people in the courtroom, and notice the different roles they play. (read document 14 first)
  2. Review the evidence and think about a verdict.
  3. Be sure to read your scoring guide and address all criteria.
    -Analyze and describe one potential issue (not shown in the simulation) that could surface at any stage of the trial process (arraignment through verdict) that would impact a case.
    -Describe evidentiary rules, constitutional issues, and/or possible errors that may have potential case impact in the context of the simulation.
    *Reasonable doubt.
    *Admissibility of certain evidence.
    *Impact of Miranda.
    -Describe how each issue above may play a role in helping you (and the jury) reach a verdict.
    -Determine the verdict based on the evidence in this case and explain your rationale for selecting that verdict.

Sample Solution