The CPU and memory

Develop a module that implements a Data flow diagram algorithm for the problem statement in research paper using Java or python program of your choice. Your module should be able to encrypt and provide a decryption algorithm, as well.

A grid is a collection of heterogeneous computing resources distributed across a large domain, Mutual assets such as the CPU and memory are shared in a cooperative style by the users. (Gulmeher and Mohammed 416 – 421). Data grid is a distributed architecture. It integrates computing power and a large amount of data into a virtual management system. An example is the global Information Grid (GIG) mainly for the military domain. Data grids mainly employ replication bringing data closer to the accessing client (Navaz, Prabhadevi, and Sangeetha 6-11). Having multiple replicas guarantees a higher level of information survivability. Replication of key increases access efficiency of the information and avoids single point failure that may be caused by the denial-of-service attack (Mishra and Anil). If a key server is compromised, every critical data is also compromised. There is also a risk of information leakage. An additional and more secure mechanism is required to protect sensitive data. The study established the solution to the security issue of the distributed systems using the data grid concept.

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the tutor need to do algorithm for this” The middleware provides the data access and transfer services that guarantee the security,
access control, and management of any data transfers within the grid. It performs user
authentication and authorization to ensure only the legitimate user has access to sensitive
information. It provides necessary services for the management of datasets and files within the
data grid. The data transfer service provides data management, access control, and security.

Security is enforced by ensuring the users are properly authenticated through password and
authorization through user privileges and rights (Navaz, Prabhadevi, and Sangeetha 6-11). The
solution to the network security issue includes the dual-layer mechanism. The layer 1 apply GUI
security measure through the use of user ID and password authentication. The user is allowed to
view only their own uploaded files (Gulmeher and Mohammed 416 – 421). Layer 2 employs
grid-level security. The application of a dual-layer mechanism ensures data privacy ensuring
only the right person has access to the information. It also shields the secrecy of information
from people with administrative rights.”

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