Read the case study carefully and confine your responses to an analysis of the case and the questions
as. written.
o Address issues of spelling, grammar, mechanics, and wording only after drafting the essay.

“Ildon ’t know what I ’m going to do about Louise, ” said section supervisor Missy Clare to herfriend and
fellow supervisor Janet Stevens. “She was a good workerfor the longest time, but now I ’m getting complaints.
Janet asked “What kinds ofcomplaints?
“Oh, that she ’s brusque to the point ofrudeness when she answers the phone, and that she snaps at other
employees when theyjust ask simple questions. I ’ve had at least three doctors tell me I ’d better get someone more
pleasant outfront, and obviously someone complained to Carson-you know, my boss-because he asked me what
was this he was hearing about the crabby receptionist in my section.
“Has she been experiencing any kind ofproblem that you know of? Something personal that ’s bothering
“I don ’t know, ” Missy answered “and it ’s a cinch she doesn ’t want to talk about it even ifthere is a
problem. l ’ve given her every opportunity to talk but she ’s not having any.
Janet said “Well, to be completely honest with you, I ‘ve heard afew things about Louise.
“Like what?
“Like how some ofyour outpatients are afraid to approach her because they don ’t know ifthey ’re going to
be snapped at, glared at, or ignored.
Missy said, “Louise is such a long time employee I hate tojust lower the boom on her.
“Well, Hide, g satisfies ‘fiyou’d er lower something



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