The creation according to Genesis

  1. In reading the creation account in Genesis 1-2, what does one learn about this creator God? What does one
    learn about the world that this God created? Put another way, what is the author of Genesis 1-2 trying to say
    about God and about the world?
  2. In Genesis 3, something goes wrong with the created world. What happens, and what are the results of this
    event (that is, what happens both to Adam and Eve, and to creation itself)?
  3. In Genesis 12-17, God calls Abraham and makes a covenant (an agreement) with him that includes three
    main promises. What are these promises? How might they relate to the problems of Genesis 3?
  4. Exodus 1-20 describes the story of the release of Israelites from bondage in Egypt. What, in your opinion,
    seems to be the climax of these chapters? What makes you say that? How might these chapters relate to the
    promises God made in Genesis 12-17?
  5. What personal questions and/or reflections do you have from these readings?

Sample Solution