The current ‘design’ of the organisation support organisational success

“To what extent does the current ‘design’ of the organisation support organisational success?”
You have been asked to produce a report in which you need to:

Summarise the current internal organisational context in terms of key influences on business strategy, and measures of organisational performance. Include consideration of 1. Organisation type 2. Organisation elements (structures, processes and systems) 3. External influences (STEEPLE factors) 4. Performance measures. (approx 400 words)

Summarise the historical and theoretical perspectives of organisation design, and give a brief explanation and comparison of two organisation design models. (approx 400 words)

Select and use two organisational design models/diagnostic tools (above) as a framework to critically analyse the structure and management of the organisation. (approx 300 words)

Evaluate the relationship between the various aspects of organisation design and work processes, productivity and the workforce. Make recommendations in terms of HR strategy and practices to support and improve strategic alignment. This could be in the form of a plan/table. (approx 400 words

Evaluate the link between organisation design and people management and development strategies. (approx 150 words

Draw conclusions as to the alignment between the current design of the organisation, its culture systems and processes, and its ability to successfully deliver on current and future business objectives. (approx 150 words)

Sample Solution