The D-structure tree

For each of the following sentences, give the D-structure tree and annotate it with arrows
indicating what transformations have applied. The sentences may have head-to-head movement,
do-support, expletive insertion, DP movement, and wh-movement.
a) What is bothering you?
b) Who has seen my snorkel?
c) How was the plot discovered by the authorities?
d) Which animals appear to have lost their collars?
e) What did Jean think was likely to have been stolen?
f) Car sales have surprised the stockbrokers.
g) Have you seen my model airplane collection?
h) Can you find the lightbulb store?
i) John was bitten by an advertising executive.
j) It is likely that Tami will leave New York.
k) Tami is likely to leave New York.
l) It seems that Susy was mugged.
m) Susy seems to have been mugged.
n) What did you buy at the supermarket?
o) I asked what Beth bought at the supermarket.
p) What is it likely for Beth to have bought at the supermarket? (Treat the PP for Beth as
appearing the specifier of the embedded TP.)
q) What is likely to have been bought at the supermarket?

Sample Solution