The dependent variable

1) In your own words please describe the methods and results of this study. What is the independent variable? The dependent variable?
2) Can you think of any situations in which providing external rewards could be beneficial for motivation/success? Please describe them. Reading 2 – Eisenberger et al., 2003 Attached Files: • Reading 2 – Eisenberger Lieberman Williams 2003.pdf (205.108 KB) 1) In your own words describe the methods of this study. What was the independent variable? What about the dependent variables (there are more than one)? 2) Describe the key results in this study — focus on ACC activation and how it varied across conditions of inclusion and exclusion. 3) What do these results tell you about the systems that support social and physical pain?
Reading 3 – Swann, 1997 Attached Files:
• Reading 3 – Swann 1997.pdf (410.889 KB) 1) In your own words, briefly describe Self-Verification Theory. 2) According to Swann, what happens when people receive feedback that is overly discrepant (different from) how they see themselves? Provide at least two likely responses to such feedback.
Reading 4 – Langer & Rodin, 1976 Attached Files: • Reading 4 – Langer & Rodin 1976.pdf (936.556 KB) 1) Describe the key methods of the study. What was the independent variable? There were many dependent variables utilized. Pick two – describe the measure and the result that was found with respect to it.

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