The development of a local government’s policy

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the development of a local government’s policy from the perspective of one of four well known models of policy development– the rational-comprehensive model; incrementalism; elitism; or the pluralist model. These four models are the only ones acceptable for this research paper. Although there are several other such models, these four are the only ones that may be used for your research. You may not combine models.

A very important point: governments do not choose to use any specific model. They are generally rather expedient when it comes to policy development. The purpose of a model is for you, the observer, to understand and make an educated guess as to how your chosen policy was formed. In other words, it is what you, the observer, see in regards to how your particular local policy is being developed. What model do you, the researcher, see being employed to solve the problem being addressed by the policy? It is though you are on the outside looking in.

As you write your paper, each chapter must be completely separate and discrete. For example, the model that you choose may not be mentioned in Chapter One, nor can the policy itself be mentioned in Chapter Two. It is not until Chapter Three that the policy as well as the model is mentioned together.

Your paper must be completed with the highest possible standards expected from junior and senior level students attending a major research university. Your grammar, spelling, structure and syntax must be presented at the highest level. There will be no exceptions. Since this assignment represents forty percent of the class, it is important that you do not wait until the last moment to complete this assignment and to give it your very best. You will complete three chapters of the paper as drafts for my feedback. You are expected to incorporate my feedback into the final version of your paper.

• Title page: Your title page must include the following information: the title of your study, your Panther ID number. You may also include any other information you think is relevant. Under no circumstances are you to put your name on the title page or any other page of this assignment.

• Abstract: An abstract is a very short paragraph, usually about twenty-five words describing your study and your findings. This gives the reader a clue as to what to expect. It is normally presented on its own page in italics and is not included in the page numbering. You typically write the abstract last.

• Chapter 1 – Introduction: All policy comes about as a result of some sort of disturbance or conflict: no conflict, no policy. In the first chapter you are to incorporate two important concepts related to the paper: a description of which local government you are studying and a background of the problem (disturbance or conflict). Why is the policy being (has been) developed? If it is a recent problem and policy, explain how the problem developed. If it is an on-going policy issue, explain some of the policy which has been developed so far. Remember, you are not to bring in any mention of your chosen policy model at this point.

• Chapter 2 – Model: The sole purpose of this chapter is to present your research on the one and only one selected model of your paper. This chapter is all about the model and nothing else. In this chapter, you are neither to write about nor even mention the problem or policy at all. Research information for this chapter should be available at the Georgia State University library. You may use any library, however. Although you may use Internet sources, the majority of your research must come from written articles or book chapters. For example, if you use five references, three must come from written sources. If you use eight references, five must come from written sources. Remember, you are not to mention the actual policy whatsoever.

• Chapter 3 – Integration of the Policy and Model: In this chapter, you are to integrate your chosen local government policy with your observed policy development model. How does your model inform and describe the actual policy development? Demonstrate how the model actually shows how the policy was (or is being) developed. (For example: the pluralist model shows how the City of Mouse Park, Ohio went ahead and increased its water rates because the municipal government involved the entire city by hearing from every organization in the municipality. After hearing both the pros and cons, the city government compromised and voted to raise the rates but less than originally proposed.) (Or, the city can be observed using the elite model since John Ratt, the richest man in the city, felt that if the water bills were not increased, the citizens would use too much water and he would not have enough water for his rubber band factory. So, while at the local country club, he talked his best friend, who happened to be the mayor, into ramming the measure through the city council.) Remember, there is no wrong answer as long as you are able to support your choice as to how the model describes the particular policy development process.

• Chapter 4 – Summary: This section is a brief summary of your entire paper. In one or two paragraphs, you are to recap the issue and your findings. This chapter is important in that it serves to clarify your research paper in the event that the reader is unsure of what you may be trying to say.

• Reference Page: Read this section carefully. You must have no less than five references. Please use APA reference style for all in text citations and your reference page. The in text references must match the entries on your reference page. To not to do so is considered plagiarism. If your references do not match, fifty points will be taken off of this paper. For every page note or foot note, you must have an entry on your reference page. For every entry on your reference page, you must have either a page note or a foot note. You cannot have one without the other.

Do not use anyone else’s ideas in your paper without a complete reference. To do so will be considered plagiarism, which will drop your paper from fifty points across the board to a zero depending on the seriousness of the plagiarized material. Any time that you use more than eight words from another individual(s) without a specific reference, it is considered plagiarism unless it is in quotes. Do not have anything on your reference page without having it cited on the page on which the quote or a paraphrased idea appears. These reference rules are way too important to ignore: If you are not sure or concerned about these rules, please contact me. Also, you’re encouraged to use Grammarly to check for plagiarism before submitting your paper.

• Length and Form of the Paper: Your paper must contain no less than six complete pages of text. The six pages do not include the title page, the abstract or the reference page. All of your pages must be numbered, starting with the first page of text and going through your reference page. Do not number your title page or your abstract page. Take this seriously!

Each of the four chapters must be labeled. You must give the chapters names (titles). You may also include the chapter number if you wish. You do not have to start a chapter on a separate page; however, if you do, make sure that you account for the required six pages of text.

This assignment must not be written in the first person. None of the chapters can use the words “I” or “me,” for example. You may use such phrases as “this researcher” or “this writer.” You may use the editorial “we,” but be careful how you use it. The entire paper must be written in the third person. If you are not sure how to go about this, please check with me.

• No Late Papers: No late papers will be accepted, no exceptions. Since the paper is worth forty percent of your final grade, any late papers will put your chances of successfully completing this course in jeopardy.

• Need Help?: If you are having any difficulty either starting, writing or in any other aspect of this assignment, please see me for any questions or concerns. I will be very happy to help. If done correctly, this paper can be a great help towards developing and writing your future research assignments or work related reports.

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