The difference between criticism and a complaint

1] How are people frequently mindless? How can they be more mindful?

2] How do people make bids with a sour/negative start up? How can they avoid this?

3] Explain the difference between criticism and a complaint? What should we do if we have a problem?

4] What is flooding? How can we fix this problem for ourselves or others?

5] What is a crabby critical frame of mind? What can we do to change that?

6] Why do people sometimes avoid a conversation they need to have? What are they worried about? What should they do instead?

7] Why do some people attack and defend while others avoid or deny? Why would they choose this style? What would be a better approach?

8] What can you do to better self-disclose and connect in your relationships with others?

Personal experiences:

A] Which people in your life do you personally have the most conflicts with that you’d like to ultimately have a better relationship with?

B] Write down an experience in detail with one of these people – what happened exactly? Why do you think things went badly? Do you think if you employed a bid buster, things would go better?

Sample Solution