The discipline of anthropology

In this assignment, you will define and discuss the discipline of anthropology, and summarize its areas of interest by referring to each of the four fields and at least one subfield within each field of study. For this assignment to be considered complete, you will need to provide one example for each subfield that you discuss. Your essay will be between 1.5 and 2 pages (title page and reference page not included). It will be submitted to the dropbox and you can only use the textbook – remember, you can use examples from other chapters. If you have not been able to purchase the textbook you may use the powerpoint lectures and Module information instead, both must still be properly cited. In sum, you will address the following questions for your work to be considered complete: What is anthropology? What are the four fields of anthropology? (Provide an example from the textbook to illustrate the focus of each field). Discuss one subfield (area of specialization) in each of the four fields and provide examples for each subfield you discuss. (4 subfields total). You will be graded on grammar and composition use of terminology that has been used in the textbook providing examples fro the textbook support your points content accuracy.

Sample Solution