The displaced person

Write an argumentative essay that identifies/uncovers a significant undercurrent in Flannery
O’Connor’s writing. What you should find is an “undercurrent” because—while it can be observed (it recurs) in
several works—it is not so obvious (it is under the surface). This could be a pattern in terms of theme,
characterization, narrative technique, strategy . . . etc. Also, it is “significant” because it teaches us something
about O’Connor’s work, world, and/or worldview. A good argument is based on sound logic/reasoning and
reliable evidence.
Here are the stories we have read so far:
1- Good Country People
2- The Geranium
3- The displaced person
4- Revelation
5- A stroke of Good Fortune
6- The life you save may be yours / your own
7- A late encounter with the enemy
8- Everything that Rises must converge
9- A circle in the fire
10- A temple of the holy Ghost
11- The river
12- Greenleaf
13- The lame shall Enter First
14- Parker’s Back
15- The Enduring Chill
16- The Turkey
17- Judgment Day

Sample Solution