The Economics of Technological Change

  1. To what extent does technological change explain the “rise of the West and lag of the Rest”? Provide a case study of a country, region or specific technology in a particular time period.


  1. What is the effect of technological change on the distribution of income? Provide an example either from history, or a more recent episode.


  1. Assess the argument that a new era of automation is leading to higher inequality and threatening the social order. Evaluate the proposed policy responses.


  1. What is the relationship between technological change and global food security?  Should food security be left to market forces?


  1. To what extent have institutions determined the pace and nature of technological progress? Provide a case study of a country, region or specific technology during a particular time period.


  1. Hydro-electric power is a relatively clean source of energy, one that makes a very limited contribution to greenhouse gases and thus to climate change. Should it (or other “green technologies) be subsidized? Explain.


  1. Human induced climate change is seen to be an incontrovertible reality for the great majority of scientists and economists. What explains the (past) failure of Canada, or its regions, and the U.S. to adopt policies that would reduce its effects, and the failure of consumers to change their behavior in these regions?


  1. To what extent does the case of plastics illustrate market failure? Analyze in the context of possible policy responses. One may also analyze the case of climate change, food security/safety or other topic from the course in light of market failure and possible policy responses.




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