The Emerging Teacher

Module Outcomes that I will be assessed on:

  1. Describe the professional requirements and values for building effective relationships that secure the best outcomes for children.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to affect professional practice through personal reflection.
  3. Evaluate the factors that contribute towards an effective learning environment.
  4. Identify and review a range of practical strategies and approaches for effective behaviour management.
    Useful Resources:
    The Teachers’ standards (2012)
    Educational Excellence Everywhere (2016)
    HM Government (2015): Working Together to Safeguard Children,
    Carroll, Mike and McCulloch, Margaret (eds) 2014 – Understanding Teaching and Learning in Primary Education: SAGE
    Ewens, Tony 2014 – Reflective Primary Teaching: Critical Publishing
    Cremin, Teresa and James, Arthur 2014 – Learning to Teach in the Primary School: Routledge
    Blatchford, Roy 2013 – The 2012 Teachers’ Standards in the Classroom: Learning Matters
    Mathieson, Kay 2012 – Understanding Behaviour in the Early Years: Practical Pre-School Books
    Rogers, Bill 2011 – Classroom Behaviour: A Practical Guide to Effective Teaching, Behaviour Management and Colleague Support: SAGE

Assignment Task:
You will write a reflective journal based on your school experiences and research. You will focus on behaviour and classroom environment. You need to reflect on the implications for your classroom practice and support your comments with appropriate theoretical evidence.
Assignment Notes
As this is a 3000 word assignment each section should be 1150 words (bear in mind the introduction to the assignment will probably take up 250 words and if you do a general conclusion it will probably take up 500 words.
It will show how your thinking has developed in light of your wider reading and/or observations in school.

The first section will be on what you have observed and learned about behaviour supported by your academic reading (look at the work of Sue Cowley, Bill Rogers etc). Also consider what is being said by Ofsted and the government (The Bennett report and The Ofsted report “Below the Radar” both of which are available on Moodle). Look at the most recent Ofsted report for your placement school and see what it says about the behaviour of children in the school. Refer to the school’s behaviour policy and make observations as to how this works in practice.
Formulate your own opinion about behaviour management based on the academic evidence and policies that you have reviewed and the observations that you have made.

If you are not in school at present, then you must demonstrate how behaviour can be managed from a theoretical perspective. You may wish to pick a school and look at their website to find their behaviour policy and the Ofsted website to find the corresponding inspection report. (Please refernce and use the school ‘Glascote Academy’ in Tamworth and look at their Ofsted report)

Repeat the process with classroom environment (both physical and emotional

Give a brief introduction “In this assignment I will be examining how schools manage behaviour and classroom environment. I will make reference to appropriate written materials and observations from my placement.” Write your section on Behaviour Management (Please give it a title).
Your first paragraph in your behaviour section should include a definition and this should be referenced appropriately. As mentioned earlier you should make reference to theoretical and practical applications. Your report should be written mainly in the third person but personal reflections should be written in the first person.
Provide a conclusion which may include your (justified) personal opinion and how your learning and observations may impact upon your professional practice. (please do a conclusion covering behaviour management and classroom environment)

You must include a reference list which is presented according to the Harvard referencing system.

This should include everything that you have referred to in your assignment (books, journals websites etc.) using Harvard referencing it is not a reading list.

Neither your reference list nor your appendices count as part of your word count

Sample Solution