Your generation, above any other, needs to have a firm grasp on what the implications of computer technology as it changes at an ever‐increasing rate in its mad dash of advancement. Each student will select a topic outlined below; this topic will be first come, first serve and be unique to you. If the topic that you wish to research and write an essay on is not present in the list below, you will talk briefly with Mr. McKay before pursuing it.

DUE DATE: See google classroom for details, but by the end of the second days class, you must submit to Mr. McKay your thesis statement.

HAND IN: You will hand in a hard (PAPER) copy of your essay to Mr. McKay if you want feedback written on the essay throughout the essay. Otherwise you will receive a rubric with some comments.


∙ Include a title page with a descriptive image!

∙ Minimum 1,100 words

∙ Must have a minimum of 5 references to articles. Two must be published source: ebooks or articles/newspaper/magazines that have been published.

∙ All sources must be quoted when used with appropriate APA format

SUGGESTED TOPICS: Research an aspect category that is impacted by computer technology: ENVIRONMENT

∙ Outline and apply strategies to recycle or reuse computer components, i.e. develop a local recycle/reuse program, create an in‐school public awareness campaign.

∙ Information systems can help us create and preserve our environment and reduce energy consumption, however, computers quickly go out of date so people often choose to replace functional machines with the latest models. This results in wasted energy in manufacturing, as well as, a considerable disposal problem and pollution of the environment. Will computers really improve our environment, or will they make it less healthy?


∙ Assess the benefits of computers and electronics technology for society, i.e. improved access to technology for economically disadvantaged people and nations; greater efficiency and lower costs for information services; development of a “global village”.

∙ Assess the drawbacks of computers and electronics technology for society, i.e. Internet gambling addictions, more sedentary lifestyle, spam, telemarketing, loss of privacy, infringement of intellectual property rights through unlicensed copying and electronic distribution.

Sample Solution