The Ethical Engineer Website

The Ethical Engineer Website brings together multiple academic institutions and organizations to discuss the ethical practice of engineering in an international environment. You can read Case Studies by clicking on a title in the Index. Your assignment is to choose one of the case studies and post a 200-500 word analysis of the case study in the comments section below the case study.

As part of your analysis include information on the stakeholders and how they are impacted both positively and negatively.

  1. What knowledge and skills are needed to implement sophisticated, appropriate and workable solutions to the complex global problems facing the world today?
  2. What interdisciplinary perspectives would help identify innovative and non-obvious solutions?
  3. What insights can you articulate, based your culture and other cultures with which you are familiar, to help understand your world view and enable greater civic engagement?
  4. What is your position on the right thing(s) to do?

Sample Solution