The “Francovich v Italy (1991)” case.

This is a case brief of the “Francovich v Italy (1991)” case. You are to read the case thoroughly and provide a detailed analysis of the case, including the critical facts of the case, the issue(s) raised by the critical facts, the applicable law relevant to the issues raised, and the manner in which the ECJ resolved the dispute. You are then to provide your legal opinion of the ECJ’s conclusion: do you agree/disagree with the ECJ, and why?

II. REQUIREMENTS: In 1,500 – 2,000 words (not including your bibliography), answer the following questions

a) Introduction: What are the critical facts surrounding this legal dispute/case? Provide a brief summary. What issues are raised by these facts? How will
you address these issues in this paper? Provide a roadmap paragraph, as
explained in class.

b) Analysis: State the issue(s) (i.e., what is the legal conflict, what legal issue(s)
are presented?). What is the applicable law raised by this issue? How does
this law apply to the critical facts of the case?

c) Conclusion: How do you resolve this dispute/case? In other words, what is
the legal outcome in your judicial opinion?

d) Bibliography: Use a minimum of five external sources (including the Francovich case) to fully research your case. Wikipedia is not an acceptable academic
source! Be sure to provide complete citations for all of your sources. Note: the
word count of your paper should not include the Bibliography. There is no limit
on the word count of your Bibliography.

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